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Core Capabilities to Benefit All Users

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From our app to our native desktop experience to our AI services, LinkLive benefits the day-to-day for every type of user:

  • Agents
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Administrators
  • Enterprise Users
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Integrate any channel

Our proprietary & modern communication stack makes it easy to be there for your customers no matter what mode or channel required.

  • Virtualize your communications platform with voice, video, messaging, & other communications applications & services
  • Configure phone numbers to handle incoming and outgoing calls, including virtual numbers, 800 numbers and those used for international dialing
  • Leverage a full set of communication channels from chat, mail, SMS, Social, and voice with the ability to configure multimedia as needed
  • Deliver common, pre-built communication user journeys for users and personas across your enterprise
  • Build customized workflows with LinkLive APIs to meet personalized communication needs

See the demo

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Fully agile
cloud architecture

LinkLive is designed to be highly resilient, using a mix of public and private cloud services with redundant systems and failover mechanisms to ensure continuous service availability. LinkLive secure architecture for compliant communications offers unparalleled levels of configuration, to flex up or down. Private multi-tenant architecture allows for efficient resource utilization, while also ensuring data isolation and privacy.

Cost Savings

OpEx beats CapEx. Pay a monthly subscription fee; no upfront investment in hardware or software.

Scalability & Flexibility

Access cloud-based solutions from anywhere on any device. Add or remove agents as needed.


Wrapped in HITRUST r2 certification with HIPAA, HITECH, and NIST 800-53 to protect your customer’s sensitive data.


24/7/365 Tier1 support is available to all cloud-based solutions. White glove implementation on all projects.

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AI services for
improved UX

Our AI services are designed to align with our high-security standards and HITRUST certification, whether we’re deploying our own organic AI solutions or integrating with innovative AI partners. Through the use of ML, LLMs, NLP, STT, TTS, and other AI techniques, we enable businesses to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance both EX and CX.

Conversational AI

Deploy a library of chatbots and virtual assistants to handle routine inquiries and self-service options, while human-first AI seamlessly integrates user journeys.

Agent Assist AI

Employ advanced models to streamline agent experience and outcomes. Integrate with your data sources and analyze customer events, to empower agents with personalized responses.

Performance AI

Analyze large volumes of your encrypted event data to identify patterns, trends, and insights. Put this data to work to improve performance and optimize contact center operations.

Drive Better Outcomes

Streamline your operations with AI-powered analytics that provide valuable insights and help you make data-driven decisions and improve performance across the board.

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Give supervisors and agents the tools they need to deliver the best outcomes possible. Boost operational efficiency through accurate forecasting, scheduling, adherence monitoring for supervisors. Agents benefit from streamlined shift-swaps, time-off requests and access to their schedule from their desktop or mobile device, all in one familiar interface.

See WFM in action

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Flexible platform
access points

We offer modern ways to access your communications services: a native client desktop app for Windows and MacOS, native mobile app for Android and iOS and browser-based access. LinkLive drives the best outcomes because we’ve designed it with a configurable user experience that adjusts to the needs of your agents and enterprise users.

Desktop app

Options like PWA with elegant Chrome and Edge apps or a native client desktop app all with SSO and AD options.

Mobile app

Secure and compliant communications like voice and messaging leveraging Apple CallKit for deeper integration and an elegant experience.

AI-Driven Notifications

In-app and on desktop, be instantly notified about all important occurences by our intelligent information routing system.

Consistent Code Base

No matter the access point, we offer Low-Code/No-Code options for configurable and flexible experience across all user profiles.

Our partnership with LinkLive Healthcare is truly collaborative. They listen to our needs and pain points, then work with us to assure that Fairview’s patient transfer process remains successful.

Cheryl Bloom

Manager, Patient Flow at
Fairview Health Services

LinkLive’s single interface makes it very easy for our agents to switch between modes on the fly, share files, co-browse, and schedule a follow-up. It absolutely has resulted in better customer experience.

Matt McGrail

Customer Service Center Manager at
a major financial services firm.

Linklive has been so responsive and quick to support us. Their focus on innovation is exciting and we know that we can rely on them to help us continue to improve our digital customer service.

Laurie Aspinwall

Assistant Vice President
Service Center Manager, Newburyport Bank

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