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Any Channel, One
Agent Desktop

Revolutionize how your teams manage multiple communication channels.

  • Single pane of glass: Unified interface for chat, SMS, secure mail, inbound and outbound voice with full multimedia, managed from a single, elegant app.
  • Improved efficiency: Streamlined communication management across the board, with Agent Assist AI to give your team a boost.
  • Meet customers everywhere: Effortless channel transitions to meet complex workflows with ease in real-time or asynchronously.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Resolve issues faster and without breaking down the conversation chain.
  • Accelerated problem resolution: Give every customer what they want; their problem solved, asap. Provide self-service until a human is needed then handoff seamlessly.

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Streamlined sessions
with history and integration

Efficiently manage customer interactions with streamlined sessions, integrating conversation history and data from various sources such as CRMs, Bank Cores, and Healthcare EHRs. With less friction, agents can quickly access customer information, gain context and deliver personalized, informed responses, improving customer satisfaction and meeting SLA targets.

Seamless Access

All the data and history you need at your fingertips to deliver the best CX.

Enhanced Insights

Integrate all your data sources and derive all new business insights.


Tailor every conversation to the customer with individualized screen-pops.

Higher satisfaction

Deliver better-informed responses, resolve faster, and drive delight.

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Real-time dashboard for
Agent analytics and
performance results

Leverage embedded analytics for enhanced performance and real-time insights. Each individual agent’s performance data is always readily available with personalized and agreed SLAs including Inbound / Outbound Sessions, Average Agent Answer Time, and many more.

Contact center supervisors can monitor SLAs, adjust training, and address issues as they arise, ensuring optimal customer experiences and improved staff morale.

Rapid Problem-Solving

Real-time SLA monitoring for quick and efficient resolution of any issue.

Intelligent Prompts

Help agents with guidance based on historical interactions.

Timely Insights

Implement real-time course correction and training.

Trend Analysis

Preempt issues, cut out errors, and improve staff engagement.

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Call management
for reduced handle time

Streamline call management for reduced handle times and enhanced customer satisfaction. Utilize intelligent, skills-based-routing, and flexible presence states to optimize call distribution, ensuring seamless operations and meeting SLA targets.

Intelligent Routing

Optimize call distribution and queue structure to deliver stellar CX.

Skills-based Approach

Match all callers with suitable agents to delight with every interaction.

Workflow Management

Flexible presence states and proactive SLA notifications.


Simplified maintenance, operations, and reporting for administrators.

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Mobile app for scheduling

Agents can easily view their schedules, request changes, and trade shifts with peers, ensuring optimal staffing levels and increased efficiency.

Streamline your contact center operations and enable supervisors to manage schedules and approve shift swaps from anywhere.

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Agent Assist AI

Enhance automation and personalization in contact centers, providing real-time recommendations to agents during customer interactions.

By analyzing past successful interactions and utilizing advanced models, our Agent Assist AI continually refines its suggestions, ensuring agents deliver exceptional service, even in complex conversations.

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Our partnership with LinkLive Healthcare is truly collaborative. They listen to our needs and pain points, then work with us to assure that Fairview’s patient transfer process remains successful.

Cheryl Bloom

Manager, Patient Flow at
Fairview Health Services

LinkLive’s single interface makes it very easy for our agents to switch between modes on the fly, share files, co-browse, and schedule a follow-up. It absolutely has resulted in better customer experience.

Matt McGrail

Customer Service Center Manager at
a major financial services firm.

Linklive has been so responsive and quick to support us. Their focus on innovation is exciting and we know that we can rely on them to help us continue to improve our digital customer service.

Laurie Aspinwall

Assistant Vice President
Service Center Manager, Newburyport Bank

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