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Celebrating LinkLive, The Future of Customer Engagement

October 10, 2022 By Perry Price
  • Perry Price
  • October 10, 2022

A Conversation in Paris

In 2002, my co-founder and CTO, Mark Pietras, and I were colleagues at Aravox Technologies, a VoIP firewall startup company that was about to be sold to Alcatel. One evening that summer, on a business trip to Paris, we were having dinner and discussing the impending acquisition. It was the age of the dotcom bust and we were both telecom veterans with successful Fortune 500 careers.

That evening, as we sat on the patio of a Parisian bistro, we realized a unique opportunity was in front of us: we could use our expertise to create a software platform that would secure the communications that were shifting from the public telephone network to the internet at that time.

At the time, consumers and patients could call their local bank or hospital and disclose highly sensitive personal information without fear of that data being compromised in a security breach. As communications were moving to the Internet, we knew there was a significant need for an application that would be secure enough to protect personal data.

Building a Trusted Platform

With a mission to help the broader population protect their personal data, we saw a fast path to developing a secure chat application to getting started. In early 2003, we set out to create the most secure unified communications platform, and thus, LinkLive was born — purpose-built for delivering human connection into the customer engagement experience.

Since then, what began as merely a concept born out of our deep industry expertise and passion for innovation has transformed into one of the most secure and trustworthy collaboration and communication solutions in the market, validated by 750+ customers in highly regulated industries and YOY profitability. As I reflect on what’s gotten us to this exciting point in the company’s history, I’m so optimistic for what lies ahead.

I’m excited to share that today marks a milestone for LinkLive, now formally called LinkLive, as we recognize our one-of-a-kind platform and reaffirm our commitment to our current customers who have put their trust into the LinkLive platform, as well as to future customers who will help us define the future of digital customer engagement.

Growth Momentum Continues

In March 2022, LinkLive partnered with Invictus Growth Partners, providing the capital investment to help elevate the company’s profile and to accelerate our growth and investment in artificial intelligence to further differentiate LinkLive. Since partnering with Invictus, we have expanded our C-Suite leadership team to help execute the company’s innovative vision.

Earlier this year, we achieved a new milestone of over 600 banks and credit unions that are now using our platform to deliver a modern customer experience and deepen engagement to build customer trust. And, further validating our business momentum, we are thrilled that LinkLive was shortlisted for the 2022 APPEALIE SaaS + Software Awards, one of the most selective in software.

Products, platforms, and platitudes distract and disrupt the true purpose of human-to-human connections that are required to build trust. The advent of solutions called digital customer service (DCS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) are still incomplete and often miss the point of what modern businesses are looking for. Even the term artificial intelligence (AI), which was coined in 1968, hasn’t fully delivered on its promise of improving the customer journey. What LinkLive does is not explained simply by an acronym, fancy logo, or overhyped promise.

Introducing: LinkLive

To support our mission, we’re anchoring the new LinkLive company name with a corresponding tagline – Connect with Trust – that represents the core pillars of our company: relationship-driven, trusted, and innovative.

Relationship-driven: For twenty years, we’ve been at the forefront of developing technology that fosters secure, deep, human connections between businesses and customers, specifically in a digital-first and digital-only environment.

Trusted: LinkLive was founded on security – the foundation of trust. As we evolve our platform and introduce new capabilities such as artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience, we apply the same diligence and care to ensure that trust continues the foundation of all LinkLive-enabled digital interactions.

Innovative: We’ve built a successful business with LinkLive. As we continue this journey now as LinkLive, we will continue to work with customers to innovate and offer new capabilities that enhance customer communications through messaging, video, voice, document sharing, and collaboration–streamlining both customer and agent experiences with the assistance of AI.

In short, LinkLive empowers organizations to offer modern customer experiences with trust utilizing artificial intelligence and best-in-class security.

As we celebrate the last two decades, I want to thank our customers, our employees, and our partners, as well as our past and present investors. It’s because of you that I’m optimistic about what’s to come. You have our commitment that we will continue to further evolve and innovate the LinkLive platform empowering you to offer a modern digital customer experience that is secure, compelling, and, most importantly, trusted by your customers.

Connect with LinkLive. Connect with trust.

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