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AI that matters in action: how it works

See how intelligent, human-centric solutions empower your agents, support your supervisors, and impress your consumers.

Smart Self-Service

Agents spend too much time responding to simple, repetitive inquiries. This leads to frustration and burnout.

Conversational AI contains up to 80% of these interactions, freeing your staff for high-value conversations and making more engaged, happier agents.

Guided Answers

Your agents waste valuable time manually searching your knowledge base or other information sources while serving customers.

LinkLive analyzes the conversation, mines internal sources, and provides responses to the agent to share—all in real time.

Conversation Summary

Agents are simultaneously listening to consumers, taking notes, and trying their best to provide rapid, accurate responses.

LinkLive intelligently summarizes detailed conversations without bias, so the agents don’t have to –  all with the ability to integrate to your CRM.

Real-Time Translation

Your customers don’t always speak the same language as your agents—but hiring multilingual agents is challenging and costly.

LinkLive translates text-based conversations to and from 75 of the most common languages in the world.

Supervisor Support

Supervisors struggle to oversee multiple agents and hundreds of conversations in real-time, which can lead to being reactive instead of proactive.

LinkLive analyzes consumer sentiment and agent tone to alert supervisors so they can intervene when needed to ensure successful conversations.

Workforce Intelligence

Managing agent schedules in a spreadsheet is a nightmare—often leaving you over- or understaffed at critical times.

LinkLive analyzes your contact center’s call volumes at several key points in time to accurately predict workforce levels, so you meet your SLAs and your budget goals.


AI that matters is smart, secure, and scalable

LinkLive’s intelligent customer engagement platform is used by clients in the world’s most regulated industries—organizations of any size and scope. We feature best-in-class security and compliance with the most stringent security regulations, including HITRUST, HIPAA, SOC2, and more.

LinkLive deploys proprietary front-end architecture with security hardening, strong access controls, and real-time application performance and session border controls. End-to-end encryption for data in transit and at rest, combined with a complete audit trail, ensures that customer conversations are secure and compliant with internal controls and external regulations. Learn more about our security philosophy.

Hear how real customers benefit
from our intelligent platform

Conversation Summary

Slash wrap-up time by 50% with intelligent summaries ready. LinkLive summarizes without bias and can give back 30 minutes to agents every day.


Contain up to 80% of common inquiries, freeing agents to focus on the conversations that matter.

Workforce Management

Predict session activity with up to 90% accuracy, ensuring the right staff are available at the right time.

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Amplify agents

With LinkLive Agent Assist AI, agents are able devote more attention to your customers and generate high-value conversations—while the compliant AI works tirelessly in the background.

Agent Assist AI provides:

  • Automated, real-time language translation
  • Automatic, intelligent conversation summaries
  • Informed, contextual response suggestions
  • Real-time sentiment analysis
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Supercharge supervisors

Enable contact center supervisors to see the entire scope of  contact center operations, coach agents, and ensure customer conversations are on track.

Performance AI offers:

  • Accurate workforce management forecasting
  • Automated quality assurance sampling and reporting
  • Sentiment analysis with smart coaching notifications
  • Intelligent routing via an interactive virtual assistant
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Captivate customers

Modern consumers want digital self-service—until they don’t. Offer the convenience of 24/7/365 support for common inquiries, with a seamless transition to a human (during operating hours) if needed.

Conversational AI delivers:

  • Conversational digital assistance 24/7/365
  • Up to 80% containment of common, repetitive inquiries
  • Contextual, frictionless transfer to a human agent