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The essentials for engaging with customers

Faster & more cost-effective customer engagements​

The singular most effective customer loyalty & growth platform


For Sales, Service & Support


  • SMS, Chat, Voice & Video

    Secure chat for connecting customers and agents + ability to add voice, video, file attachments, and desktop share

  • Secure Mail

    Secure mail for connecting customers to your business with easy integration to corporate messaging

  • Conversation History

    Contextual client support with 360 historical view to all LinkLive interactions across chat, voice, phone SMS or secure mail 

  • Workforce Management

    Automatically generate schedules and compare actuals to forecasts while managing requests for sick time and unplanned time off

  • AI ChatBot

    Conversational AI chatbot for automated FAQ responses and two-way contextual flow

  • Enterprise Messaging Routing

    Integrate Secure Mail, file attachments and media directly within your Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail client

Premium +

For All Users

Includes Premium & More:

  • Contact Center as a Service

    Omnichannel, digital first contact center for connecting customers and agents

  • Enterprise Unified Communications as a Service

    Omnichannel communications and collaboration solution for all users across the organization

  • Multimedia Campaign Management

    Automate outbound customer and prospect engagement via voice and SMS

LinkLive Packages Breakdown

Customer Engagement Platform Essential
Most Popular
Premium +
SMS & Webchat with Multimedia & Skills-Based Routing
AI ChatBot
Digital Channels Enterprise Message Routing
End to End Single Threaded Customer Journey
Conversational AI Library of Bots
Premium Reporting
Integrated / Embedded Appointment Scheduling
Multimedia Digital Meeting Rooms
Social Media Integration
CRM Integration
Contact Center as a Service
Enterprise Unified Communications as a Service
Multimedia Campaign Management