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Crafting Your Customer Experience Strategy

January 2, 2022 By Zachary Lukasiewicz
  • Zachary Lukasiewicz
  • January 2, 2022

It goes without saying that the customer experience strategy has become increasingly important in this digital age.

Customers are now more informed than ever, and they expect a seamless interaction with the brands they trust.

A great customer experience doesn’t just happen by itself; it requires careful planning and implementation on behalf of companies to ensure that customers feel valued and satisfied at every stage of the process.

LinkLive is one such company whose goal is to help its clients achieve this by developing customized solutions that enhance customer service and engagement metrics – increasing conversions while also improving efficiency with real-time data collection tools.

There are several phases to creating your customer experience strategy.



Simply put, the goal of this phase is to collect data on your users and their needs.

With that in mind, you need to know how to define the right users and create a plan for collecting the data they will provide.

Once you have your research plan in place, it’s important to manage the collected information so that it’s easy for everyone involved—internal teams as well as external partners—to access and use.

Finally, once all this information has been collected and organized into a coherent whole, you’re ready for a demo of our customer engagement platform.



Customer support is the process of providing help or assistance to customers when they need it, usually through a customer service agent. It’s a common practice in many industries and organizations—for example, contact centers or call centers.

Customer service refers to methods used by business establishments that aim at improving the quality of customer interactions and experiences. It’s often associated with companies that provide goods or services to customers directly.

Customer retention is the activity-leveling up your current customer base so they keep coming back for more.

Customer satisfaction reflects how much you’re enjoying something (or someone). The best way to improve this measure is by offering excellent products and services that exceed expectations—as well as adding value through loyalty programs like rewards programs or customer clubs that give members access to exclusive discounts and offers only available through those channels; in turn increasing average order values (AOVs) which ultimately contributes toward higher margins because of increased sales volume.



Customer engagement is a core part of the customer experience.

Discovering new ways to better serve customers is a critical component of providing exceptional service. By understanding the needs of your customers in more detail, you’ll be able to provide customized experiences while also improving communication between you and your audience.

Expressing how much you care about them will help establish trust between your organization and its target audience.

People are more likely to do business with brands they feel connected to emotionally—these feelings might include excitement or passion for what the company does or how it does it, gratitude for past experiences with said brand (including being served by an employee), fear about losing access after receiving excellent service from someone within that organization (or even just knowing someone who works there), amplifying those expressions by promoting them online via social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook allows others outside your immediate circle of influence access.



LinkLive helps you amplify your customer experience by using AI and advanced features (e.g. co-browse and digital office) to help you engage more effectively with your customers.

LinkLive is the first Customer Communication Platform developed for the everyday business, which means that you can access the same features available to some of the largest, most regulated companies and industries.

As a modern customer communication platform, LinkLive combines all your communication channels into a single interface and then automates the distribution of messages across those channels. We make it easy to send email newsletters, create email campaigns, create a knowledge base, send SMS text messages and run phone campaigns — all from one place, saving you time and money.


This is just a brief introduction to crafting your customer experience strategy. We hope we’ve given you some ideas for how it can help your business with customer engagement and more.

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