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Queue & Contacts

Empowers administrators to optimize and automate contact center operations using advanced skills-based routing and AI-powered speech analytics.

  • Queue Optimization: Properly set up and maintain the queue and contacts, streamlining operations for supervisors and agents.
  • Skills-Based Routing: Configure intelligent caller-agent matching to optimize call handling and improve both CX and EX.
  • Real-time Analytics: Leverage real-time sentiment analysis to prioritize distressed callers or route them to seasoned agents.
  • Hit SLAs: Assist supervisors in meeting SLAs by efficiently managing the queue structure and contact center workflows.
  • Advanced Workflows: Create and modify advanced workflows, informed by smart reporting and AI-powered speech analytics.

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Thoughtful Profile Configuration for
Call Routing

Establish Agent, Supervisor, Administrator and Enterprise User profiles within the LinkLive platform, and manage the skills, experience levels and authorizations associated with each profile. Proper configuration enables intelligent call routing, optimizing the contact center’s performance and improving both customer and employee experiences.

Agent Profiles Setup

Thoughtful configuration profiles enable skill tree and team creation for optimized call routing.

Intelligent Call Routing

Deploy AI-powered call routing to reduce queue lengths and wait times by automatically matching callers with agents.

Skills Adjustment

Modify agent profiles and update skill tiers to align with current needs and optimize performance.

Collaborative Optimization

Collaborate with contact center managers to build profiles and optimize all workflows in real-time.

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Manage Compliance & Entitlement Policies

Collaborate with internal compliance, audit, and legal teams to create a robust compliance structure within the platform.

Customizable recording and storage capabilities ensure adherence to company policies and regulatory obligations, providing peace of mind to supervisors and compliance teams.

Compliance Structure

Work with internal teams to establish a compliance framework tailored to your specific requirements.

Session Recording

Customize recording and storage settings to align with company policies and compliance needs.

Simplified Management

Compliance capabilities allow supervisors to focus on optimization and performance.

Strong Security

LinkLive is compliant with Soc2 and HIPAA, and is HITRUST r2 certified, ensuring a robust security environment.

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Administer IVR and AI ChatBots

Allow administrators to collaborate with contact center supervisors to set up and maintain Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and AI chat bots, streamlining call handling and improving customer service experiences.

IVR Configuration

Allow callers to access information or navigate across departments with voice or touch-tone inputs.

AI ChatBot Setup

Enable AI-powered bots to learn from historical and current call transcripts and chat activity.

Ongoing Maintenance

Update IVR and ChatBot capabilities as needed, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Continuous Learning

AI bots are designed to learn from historical and current sessions, improving over time.

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Broadcast Messages to Users

Maintain communication within the organization by broadcasting essential messages to users. Whether it’s a downtime notification, update announcement, new compliance procedure, or company-wide notice, administrators can efficiently disseminate information to targeted user types with appropriate timing. This functionality streamlines communication across various departments and ensures timely notifications for a seamless user experience.

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Configure Integrations & SSO

Enable administrators to collaborate with internal IT teams, contact center supervisors, and other stakeholders to configure and maintain integrations

From CRM and EHR systems to knowledge bases, AI platforms, and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions, administrators ensure seamless connectivity and adaptation to changing organizational needs. This flexibility, combined with the support from LinkLive customer success teams, sets the platform apart from conventional collaboration solutions.

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Our partnership with LinkLive Healthcare is truly collaborative. They listen to our needs and pain points, then work with us to assure that Fairview’s patient transfer process remains successful.

Cheryl Bloom

Manager, Patient Flow at
Fairview Health Services

LinkLive’s single interface makes it very easy for our agents to switch between modes on the fly, share files, co-browse, and schedule a follow-up. It absolutely has resulted in better customer experience.

Matt McGrail

Customer Service Center Manager at
a major financial services firm.

Linklive has been so responsive and quick to support us. Their focus on innovation is exciting and we know that we can rely on them to help us continue to improve our digital customer service.

Laurie Aspinwall

Assistant Vice President
Service Center Manager, Newburyport Bank

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