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Real-Time & Asynchronous Messaging

Accessible, 24/7 customer support is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. Get the capabilities you need, and that customers demand.

  • Real-time responses: Agents can handle queued and live messages during open hours.
  • Asynchronous support: Messages are stored and answered when agents are available.
  • Secure communication: Your encrypted data is protected in transit and at rest.
  • All channel accessibility: Make your contact center available the way your customers demand including chat, SMS, voice, video, and secure email.
  • Ideal for leaders: Directors, VPs, and IT departments get the visibility and oversight they need with audit-ready compliance features they can trust.

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Video Conferencing for
Licensed Professionals

Video conferencing offers a reliable solution for professionals in various fields to address complex and high-touch situations. By utilizing secure and compliant video conferencing, licensed experts can efficiently provide personalized care, guidance, and advice while building trust and delivering exceptional customer experiences. This versatile capability is a valuable asset for leaders in contact centers, customer experience, patient experience, and IT departments.

Mortgage applications

Streamline complex processes and enhance trust with video calls.

Wealth Management

Offer personalized financial advice through face-to-face interaction.

Remote Patient Care

Facilitate better communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

Legal & financial services

Securely discuss sensitive matters with clients and insert eSign where needed.

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View-Only or Interactive CoBrowsing

Empower your team with view-only or interactive co-browsing capabilities for seamless guidance through complex transactions and processes. Ideal for care planning and management, mortgage banking, wealth management, and social resources, co-browsing enhances customer experiences and ensures efficient problem resolution – reliably improving customer satisfaction.

Revenue protection

Guide clients through complex forms with ease and preserve high revenue transactions.

Tax preparation

Assist customers in navigating and completing tax documents with ease.

Build Relationships

Clarify financial details and strategies collaboratively to grow client relationships.

Resource guidance

Help citizens access necessary resources and support in their time of need.

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Streamline future appointments via multiple channels

Streamline future appointments by offering phone, virtual lobby, or physical location scheduling options to cater to customers’ high expectations. Enhance communication between customers and agents at banks, healthcare providers, and other professionals, ensuring efficient and convenient appointment setting.

Enhanced Communication

Strengthen client relations by offering flexible meeting options.

Expedited Appointment Setting

Align calendars quickly and efficiently across platforms.

Adapt to Customer Needs

Accommodate changing preferences and circumstances with flexible calendar integrations.

Drive Compliance

Secure and compliant channels for all digital meeting types, from any device.

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Conversational Banking
for Self-Service

Conversational banking for self-service empowers customers by offering AI-driven assistance to resolve routine inquiries. Enhance efficiency by deflecting calls, allowing staff to focus on high-touch and high-revenue interactions. Ideal for a wide variety of financial institutions, conversational self-service ensures consistent, always-on quality while meeting high customer expectations.

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Conversational AI with
Human Hand-Off

Combine the efficiency of AI technology with the personal touch of human interaction. While modern AI can effectively handle numerous customer inquiries, it’s crucial to provide a seamless transition to a human agent when needed. This combination allows for cost reduction, quick response times, and elevated customer service, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for the user.

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Our partnership with LinkLive Healthcare is truly collaborative. They listen to our needs and pain points, then work with us to assure that Fairview’s patient transfer process remains successful.

Cheryl Bloom

Manager, Patient Flow at
Fairview Health Services

LinkLive’s single interface makes it very easy for our agents to switch between modes on the fly, share files, co-browse, and schedule a follow-up. It absolutely has resulted in better customer experience.

Matt McGrail

Customer Service Center Manager at
a major financial services firm.

Linklive has been so responsive and quick to support us. Their focus on innovation is exciting and we know that we can rely on them to help us continue to improve our digital customer service.

Laurie Aspinwall

Assistant Vice President
Service Center Manager, Newburyport Bank

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