Quickly connect internal teams to securely collaborate via chat, voice, video, and screen share, all without a desk phone


Address pressing customer needs in the contact center and communicate proactively via phone and SMS

Services and admin

Leverage modern communications to securely connect licensed professionals with clients

Securely connect internal teams and empower your contact center to deliver secure and reliable support.

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Intelligent Automatic Responses and Support

Our AI services are designed with our high-security standards and HITRUST certification, whether we’re deploying our own organic AI solutions or integrating with innovative AI partners. Through the use of ML, LLMs, NLP, STT, TTS, and other AI techniques, we enable businesses and utilities to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance both EX and CX.

  • Conversational AI: Deploy a library of chatbots and virtual assistants to handle routine inquiries and offer self service options.
  • Agent Assist AI: Advanced models can streamline agent experience and outcomes, by providing appropriate, personalized responses.
  • Drive better Outcomes: Streamline operations with AI-powered analytics that provide insights to make data-driven decisions.

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Utilize intelligent solutions for reporting and to support your most important resource: your staff.

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Optimize Workforce Efficiency

Give supervisors and agents the tools they need. Boost efficiency through accurate forecasting, scheduling, adherence monitoring, skill-based routing, agent schedule self-service options, automation, and performance tracking.

Understand what’s working (and what isn’t), and act accordingly. Access real-time metrics, performance tracking, trend analysis, forecasts, and customer insights. Generate customizable reports for data-driven decision making.

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Support Valuable Staff

Efficiently manage customer interactions with streamlined sessions, integrating conversation history and data from various sources such as a CRM or knowledge base. With less friction, agents can quickly access customer information, gain context and deliver personalized, informed responses, improving customer satisfaction, and meeting SLA targets.

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Skills-Based Routing

Ensure that calls are directed to the most appropriate agent based on their skills, experience, and availability.

Agent Assistance

Equip agents with contextual guidance, real time coaching, sentiment analysis, and automated workflows, all powered by AI.

Empower agents

Agents can monitor their schedule from their personal device, and even request time off and shift-swaps.

Stop Spreadheets

Supervisors can approve requests from their device as well. Say goodbye to spreadsheet scheduling.

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Proactively Communicate

Maximize outbound campaign success with TCPA compliant campaign management for appointment reminders, outages, delays, payment reminders, and more. Efficiently manage campaigns, automate dialing, intelligently route calls, monitor in real-time, and track performance for optimal results. All this with multiple types of campaign modes and the configuration required to communicate proactively, drive agent efficiency, and customer experience.

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Fairview saw how dynamic huddle technology could expedite real-time conferencing with no limit to the number of participants. LinkLive’s drag-and-drop functionality enables transfer agents to seamlessly pull available resources into a conversation in real time.

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