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Higher Education

Foster stronger connections with students on campus and beyond with modern, secure communications.

School Districts and Administration

Build bridges with your school community by expanding outreach and being present for all stakeholders.

Connect with families, students, and alumni to foster unbreakable bonds.

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All Channel Availability

Our proprietary & modern communication stack makes it easy to be there for your students and families and even other staff, no matter what mode or channel required. Unlock the potential of your educational community by creating enduring connections with modern technology.

  • Connect with your community through a full set of communication channels from chat, mail, SMS, social, voice, and video with the ability to configure multimedia as needed.
  • Deliver common, pre-built communication user journeys for students, families, and staff across your institution.
  • Students, staff, alumni, and administration can communicate securely using the channel they prefer.

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Utilize a modern solution to streamline collaboration and connect staff on campus on beyond.

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Full Suite of Collaboration Options

Equip your entire staff and student body with a comprehensive set of communication choices, allowing them to manage the most important conversations more efficiently. Enable collaboration via co-browse, desktop sharing, and secure file transfer, no matter where your students and staff are located.

Administrative, registration, financial aid, and help desk teams can connect internally, or with students, via a quick digital huddle, invite colleagues to a meeting, and get down to business securely, from anywhere.

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Flexible platform access points

We offer modern ways to access your communications services: a native client desktop app for Windows and MacOS, native mobile app for Android and iOS and browser-based access.

LinkLive drives the best outcomes because we’ve designed it with a configurable user experience that adjusts to the needs of your staff, administrators, and school community.

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Desktop app

Progressive web app (PWA) design allows for elegant Chrome and Edge apps or a native client desktop app, all with SSO and AD options.

Mobile app

Secure and compliant communications like voice and messaging leveraging Apple CallKit for deeper integration and an elegant experience.

Delete Desk Phones

Allow teaching and administrative staff to be available for each other and their students, all without being tied to a desk phone.

Consistent Code Base

No matter the access point, we offer Low-Code/No-Code options for configurable and flexible experience across all user profiles.

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Proactively communicate with students and families

Maximize outbound campaign success with TCPA compliant campaign management for emergency notifications, schedule and registration reminders, payments, and more. Efficiently manage campaigns, automate dialing, intelligently route calls, monitor in real-time, and track performance for optimal results.

Connect with your community with multiple campaign modes allowing the configurability required to drive campaign efficiency, improve the student experience and help you reach alumni effectively.

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Join these companies and put your trust in our secure, complete CCaaS platform.

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How Fairview Health Services Lowered Call Abandonment Rates to Under 1%

Fairview saw how dynamic huddle technology could expedite real-time conferencing with no limit to the number of participants. LinkLive’s drag-and-drop functionality enables transfer agents to seamlessly pull available resources into a conversation in real time.

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