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Zero-friction links between patients and providers

Healthcare organizations have trusted us for over 20 years as their partner for bringing them closer to patients. Whether it’s saving lives through shortening inbound patient transfers times, using an AI engine to schedule agents, or powering a customer service center that enables personalized care at scale, LinkLive is there to reduce the friction in the healthcare system.

Better Patient Journeys

Enable your team to improve outcomes that matter for your patient population through modernizing patient journeys.

Patient Care, Everywhere

Implement AI that ensures the best possible joint employee and customer engagement continuously over time.

AI Workforce Deployment

Schedule the right specialist to provide the best patient experience  – regardless of who, where, and when care is provided.

Why healthcare needs a patient engagement revolution


of patients prefer to use digital communications with providers at least some of the time.


of patient complaints are
customer service related.


of patients say the healthcare system feels like it’s designed to be confusing.


Save more lives

With LinkLive AI, everything you need for smooth and rapid transfers is in one solution.

"No Fuss" Inbound Transfers

Transfer patients in minutes on any device – no dialing, leaving messages, or waiting. Securely upload face sheets, access patient history, and connect with healthcare providers through one platform.

Streamlined Workflows

Receive referrals from other providers with ultimate efficiency, creating shortened time to care. Save lives through the rapid upload of referring parties information into the system with fewer delays in scheduling.

Reduced Revenue Leakage

Stop losing revenue when patients are transferred out or inbound transfers are not accepted. See trends and convert your inbound transfer center to a virtual command center to save more lives.

Covering the Entire Patient Journey

Patient Access

Patient Transfer

Care Coordination + Management

Mobile Worker

Linklive in action

More One-of-a-Kind Use Cases in Action

LinkLive offers specialized, advanced use cases to multiple healthcare institutions and providers.

Secure Comms in the Field

Our MobileWorker app puts compliant and secure voice services on traveling medical professionals’ phones.

Patient Transfer

Our AI-powered patient transfer services allows institutions to transfer patients in minutes using on any device – without dialling or waiting.

Advanced Patient Access

Enable patients to find the nearest and best care for them through our suite of easy-to-use scheduling tools.

Put your trust in our HIPAA/HITRUST, security- first customer engagement platform


How Fairview Health Services Lowered Call Abandonment Rates to Under 1%

Fairview saw how dynamic huddle technology could expedite real-time conferencing with no limit to the number of participants. LinkLive’s drag-and-drop functionality enables transfer agents to seamlessly pull available resources into a conversation in real time.