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Deliver Modern Customer Experiences

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Implement a platform that cares about the customer experience as much as you do.

  • Manage all customer interactions in one place.
  • Provide a unified customer experience and radically improve customer loyalty.
  • Offer industry-leading data security; protect every byte of your customer’s data.
  • Predictive performance analytics – refine your CX strategy week over week.

Meet customers
where they are

Consumer apps have changed the digital landscape. 49% of consumers use 5+ channels to communicate with customer service.

People today expect businesses to meet them where it’s convenient for them. They demand agility and flexibility.

Shift seamlessly between channels

Customers might start with in-app chat, move to a video call, and wrap up with some email back-and-forth the next day. LinkLive makes this smooth and seamless.

Juggle Text, Voice, and Video

Different phases of customer interactions require different forms of engagement. With LinkLive, you don’t need to break conversations to switch mediums.

Co-browse and guide the conversation

Sometimes, actively guiding the customer is the most effective path towards resolution. With LinkLive, take control of the browser experience and streamline the solution.

Offer sophisticated self-service options

Today’s consumers often prefer the option of self-service when possible. Offer customers advanced service bots that have the ability to escalate the chat if necessary.

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Give your agents CX superpowers

Equip your contact center with the latest innovations in digital engagement. Empower agents, delight customers, and drive efficiencies across the board.

Unlock document & eSignature workflows

In many customer interactions, the final step is an eSignature. With LinkLive’s DocuSign integration, you can seamlessly fold the signing process into an ongoing interaction.

Implement skills-based routing

Keep your contact center agile and efficient. Route all customer interactions depending on their precise needs, your real-time situation, and the skills of your available tools and agents.

Deploy a fleet of powerful AI service bots

Instantly meet customer needs with best-in-class AI service bots that improve with every interaction. Allocate different bots to different touchpoints, and watch them dynamically adapt to the ongoing traffic.

Offer easy appointment

When customers need to book an appointment, don’t reroute them or ask them to follow up. Quickly and seamlessly switch to a scheduling portal, and offer full resolution there and then.


Act on analytics and constantly refine your performance

Powered by AI tools that allow for continuous learning, your contact center can refine itself every day. Watch what works, track what customers need, and tweak things on an ongoing basis.

Get new visibility into your campaigns

Help your team to better target your customers and achieve more effective cross-selling opportunities. Easily create, manage and coordinate ongoing outbound campaigns.

Service the entire customer journey

A returning customer expects to be instantly connected to an agent who is equipped with background information on their account. Create an infinitely ongoing experience, and compound the customer satisfaction.

Offer AI sentiment analysis to agents

Provide agents with real-time analytics on their own vocal tone, mood and sentiment while interacting with a customer. See statistics for individual agent performance as well as team performance.

Track the KPIs
that really matter

Monitor Key Performance Indicators in real-time directly from a dashboard in a browser or mobile device. Track and improve factors like hold time, handle time, and other metrics that impact customer satisfaction.

Our partnership with LinkLive Healthcare is truly collaborative. They listen to our needs and pain points, then work with us to assure that Fairview’s patient transfer process remains successful.

Cheryl Bloom

Manager, Patient Flow at
Fairview Health Services

LinkLive’s single interface makes it very easy for our agents to switch between modes on the fly, share files, co-browse, and schedule a follow-up. It absolutely has resulted in better customer experience.

Matt McGrail

Customer Service Center Manager at
a major financial services firm.

Linklive has been so responsive and quick to support us. Their focus on innovation is exciting and we know that we can rely on them to help us continue to improve our digital customer service.

Laurie Aspinwall

Assistant Vice President
Service Center Manager, Newburyport Bank

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