The rise and rise of artificial intelligence.

Thanks to AI, contact centers are now capable of identifying their customers’ unique expectations, needs, and pain points. They can preemptively meet their needs, and save them from ever having to repeat themselves or get stuck in a loop. Valuable insights enable scalable hyper-personalization and issue resolution for increased customer satisfaction.


of businesses now use AI applications to improve customer service.

7 out of 10

companies with annual revenue over $100 million are spending $1 million or more on AI initiatives.


of executives who implement AI note improved efficiency and decision-making.

artificial intelligence

What is AI-Driven Customer Engagement?

AI-driven customer engagement is a framework in which a centralized platform does all of the CX heavy lifting through augmented intelligence. Continuous improvement naturally occurs as the system compounds its positive results over time.

Artificial intelligence takes care of repetitive and low-cognition customer engagement tasks, freeing up team members to work on complex problems. AI-driven customer engagement also organizes your customer data in the most optimal way to help your teams produce valuable insights that drive decision-making.



What capabilities are part of an AI-driven customer engagement solution?

Translator engine that connects the employee and customer. This capability immediately eliminates the language barrier and quickly connects customers to agents who speak their language.

Empathy language through advanced sentiment sentinels. AI and NLP-powered sentiment analysis helps agents identify emotional signals in customers’ tone and speech.

Decoder that reads between the lines for the customer’s real needs. AI helps analyze customer conversations for cues, patterns, and other insights that help identify their core motivations and discover what they want. This helps contact center agents provide the most relevant product recommendations and deliver top-notch support.


How does AI bridge the knowledge gap between customer and employee?

Detect the disconnect between the customer and the company. AI helps companies discover the issues and pain points that hamper customer experiences. Wherever there is a risk of frustration and churn, the system can offer a proactive warning and recommend a solution.

Bridge the gap with contextually relevant answers.
By analyzing customer information, previous interactions, and other activities, an AI-driven solution generates recommendations and responses that are most relevant to customers’ concerns.

Lift the load so human-to-human understanding becomes the focus. AI can enable a company to offload their FAQ-level questions to automated systems. Human agents can then focus on the human problems that require the distinctive human element of empathy and understanding.

How Does AI Go From Supporting a
Conversation to Building a Relationship?

Pull in the right data for overall customer satisfaction.

Stronger customer relationships are more crucial than ever in this highly competitive business landscape. AI allows companies to meet customer expectations and raise satisfaction through thorough information analysis, personalized recommendations, and immediate support.

Present resolutions to solve problems and foster loyalty.

Identifying the root causes of their issues, AI helps companies to discover the best solutions, optimizing the customer journey and cultivating loyalty.

Provide an engaging experience every time.

AI for customer engagement can predict customer behavior and offer the most relevant answers and recommendations by constantly learning and improving from the data it collects and analyzes. This capability allows contact center agents to effectively engage customers at every touchpoint and give them superior experiences.

How Do I Know Where to Start with AI?

Measurement is easier said than done for contact center directors and managers of customer experience. 85% of contact centers are run on more than one platform for customer communications, meaning that both standalone legacy and replacement SaaS bolt-ons get in the way of not only reporting of metrics, but also accessing the full potential of AI.

What’s the resolution that’s worked in these conditions? A full customer engagement journey platform is one way that organizations are tackling this modern day challenge. In essence, standardization and simplification of contact centers with everything in one place has significant benefits to address these common challenges.

Determine your biggest problems through your metrics.

Discover problematic areas in your contact center operations by measuring your metrics and setting them against industry benchmarks. This will help you create a clear and big picture of your processes and reveal the inefficiencies and their causes.

Prioritize which gaps need improvement.

Determining which problems should be addressed first is a critical step to ensuring that you can maximize your investment in your AI for customer engagement.

Consult with experts that know what can be done and what can't.

Partner with a customer engagement solution provider with the technology, expertise, and experience to help you create and implement a platform that meets all your unique business requirements and delivers top-class support when needed.


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