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Bridging the Nursing Staffing Shortage

About this webinar

The writing has been on the walls for years. Aging nursing populations, limited education opportunities, and increased traveling nursing wages have created cracks in the ability of healthcare organizations to treat patients with a high level of care while avoiding burning out mission-critical staff.

Then came a global pandemic and the cracks became fractures that we have yet to fully see realized across the industry. Organizations are beginning to see the outcome, though, through lost revenue, low patient experience ratings, and overtaxed staff.

Today’s healthcare organizations are utilizing technology in new ways to bridge the shortage gap.

The right technology can:

  • Increase revenue
  • Enhance patient experience
  • Increase a hospital’s radius of influence
  • Increase communication efficiency internally, as well as with patients.

In this session, Charley Larsen, Chief Nursing Officer of Blackbox Healthcare Solutions, shares how his organization empowers healthcare systems to reduce redundancy through more efficient communication, allowing providers to spend more time at the bedside, simplify admissions and discharges, simplify non-patient care work, and have a deeper focus on the mission and the goal of simplifying healthcare.

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