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Being the president of our organization, I love the secured email because there are a lot of messages that I have to send out that are secure. There have not been any issues with sending the messages or with individuals receiving and viewing them.

Susan M. Langley

President at ECU Credit Union

How has it helped my organization?

With this solution we have better communication with our members, who, outside the credit union business, are what you call customers. We’re able to support them where they are. For example, if they’re trying to log in to the online banking platform and they can’t get in, they can hit the Chat feature and talk to us directly and we can help them.

My staff has the ability to multitask and not only help members but continue doing other stuff between the chat sessions. It’s more efficient for my staff, but, at the same time, more responsive for our members. They don’t have to pick up the phone and call us and say, “Hey, it’s not working.” A lot of times, members are able to share their screens with us and we can see what they’re doing wrong and help them get logged in to the system. Or if they want to find out about rates, or have a question about their account, we can respond and it cuts down on calls to the office itself.

It also helps reduce complexities in our communication. When a member is dealing with a financial situation, the quicker you can respond to that member and get them the answers that they need, the more at ease the member will be and that strengthens the relationship. It cuts down on members being angry because they’re on hold waiting for a person to pick up the phone. I feel they’re getting quicker response times when they hit the Chat, and we’re able to resolve their conflict much quicker. It is a better experience for our associates and our members.


What is our primary use case?

If we need to send an encrypted, secured message to a member or a client or a vendor, we can send it through the LiveLink app and we know it’s secure and that we don’t have to worry about confidential information being leaked.


Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

Communicator was our first solution and then we got LinkLive, which includes the web browser and is easier to use.

We initially signed up for what we call VB chat. A third party sold it to us to communicate with our members when they’re logged in to our online banking platform, so that they can open up a chat window. Once we were using it for that, then we expanded it and used it for our secure email system.


How are customer service and support?

The support has been excellent and we have stopped communicating with the third party that sold LinkLive to us. We communicate directly with LinkLive because their support is so much better than the support offered by that vendor. They have been very supportive in getting our staff trained and comfortable using it.

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What was our ROI?

We have seen return on investment. It reduces our staff hours. It has also reduced our total cost of ownership because our employees can service more than one member at a time. They’re able to multitask. It reduces the number of calls that come in and the number of voicemails that have to be returned. It improves our member experience and keeps them as members of our credit union.

It has probably reduced our TCO by 5 percent.


Which other solutions did I evaluate?

We did look at other chat features. The important item for me was knowing that it was a secured connection. I did not have to worry about my staff accidentally putting confidential information into a chat window that was not secure. We went through our Portico system to buy LinkLive because Portico manages our member security. Security was a huge selling feature for us.

I like LinkLive’s security-first approach. That was a priority for us. We’re a credit union and we have to trust that the vendors we use are taking the sensitivity of our member information as seriously as we do.

If you are going to use something like this, make sure that you select a reliable vendor that is aligned with your core goals.

The solution becomes one of your primary ways of communicating with your members, so you want to make sure that it’s representing you the way you want to be represented.


What needs improvement?

In our experience, the areas where there could be improvement are training, staff adoption, and getting the staff comfortable with utilizing the complexities of LinkLive, such as screen sharing. With some of the more advanced stuff, our associates were a little gun-shy. They didn’t want to do that kind of stuff because it was too techy for them. The adoption of it on the staff side has been our biggest challenge with the whole thing.

They can work on the documentation and upfront training. When you introduce a system to your team, the better the initial introduction and training are, the more buy-in you’ll have. If things are not presented as well as they can be, they are going to get a preconceived notion that this system is not a good system, and trying to change their minds after is difficult. Training is so important in that respect.

In addition, it would be nice if there were an interface with our core system. We have what we call our Portico teller system, which gives us member information. For communication with a member, it’s a standalone product. We don’t have any CRM built into it. When someone is chatting or doing a virtual call with you, you have to go to the Portico system to see if they’re a member, what kind of relationship they have, and what their accounts are. Having those two working together, so that when the chat comes in you know exactly who you’re dealing with and what their relationship with you is, would be very helpful.