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Connecting the Right Dots

Building a Patient Experience Strategy Beyond Endpoints

The digital healthcare revolution has provided the catalyst for transforming patient care as we know it. The transformation came fast during the pandemic as did the number of endpoint solutions.

The opportunity today for healthcare providers is to take a step back and gain a macro view of the larger communication approach, review what works and what does not, and build a comprehensive patient experience that connects the dots the right way for the patient and provider alike.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How healthcare orgs today are approaching patient journeys through the pillars of today’s mobile care, telehealth solutions, and digital engagement.
  • A new framework for aligning patient access, patient transfer, care coordination/management, and mobile workers.
  • Success stories of healthcare organizations just like yours who have begun to bring together the necessary components required for a comprehensive strategy that revolutionizes the patient experience all while ensuring that PHI is never compromised.