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4 Patient Communications Trends for Beyond the Pandemic

About this webinar

The COVID-19 pandemic was an urgent wake-up call for healthcare organizations. As stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures began to limit hours of operation for health systems across the nation, the promise of virtual care, which was once a far-out item on a wish list, quickly became a critical necessity. After the pandemic began, patients not only preferred the option of digital experiences, but now found themselves more reliant on them than ever before.

The healthcare industry adapted to the changes brought on by the pandemic, and industry standards for patient communications have dramatically shifted. Healthcare organizations have struggled to provide the same quality of patient communications with a now completely remote workforce. As healthcare systems adapted to the change, gaps in their communications technology, such as the lack of flexible digital channels for virtual communications and care and the PHI security with a remote team, became glaring issues.

Now, a year into the global pandemic, patient access professionals must pivot from short-term fixes and reimagine their long-term communications strategies to support their success and new patient requirements in this new era of patient communications. In this webinar we will discuss four key trends on the horizon of patient communications:

  • The transition to a remote workforce
  • New patient expectations for a ‘digital front door’
  • The need for secure omnichannel solutions
  • Gathering, analyzing, and reporting on the data generated by these digital interactions

Learn more about the upcoming trends and how your healthcare organization can best adapt to a new era of patient communications.

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