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Features That Matter in a Patient Engagement Platform

February 9, 2022 By Zachary Lukasiewicz
  • Zachary Lukasiewicz
  • February 9, 2022

An engagement platform is a critical tool for any healthcare organization. It’s the system you rely on to manage your communications and patient experience—and it needs to be robust, reliable and secure. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the key features that make a patient engagement platform stand out from its competitors.

HIPAA-compliant communication

HIPAA compliance is something you should look for when choosing a patient engagement platform. HIPAA, short for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is a set of federal regulations that protect the privacy and security of health information.1 This means that your patients’ personal information should remain safe within your patient engagement platform—and in turn, they will be more likely to trust you with their data.

HIPAA compliance isn’t just about security; it also has implications for how you communicate with patients. For example, if you’re using email or text messaging with patients about matters pertaining to their health (such as test results or appointments), these messages must be encrypted in order to meet HIPAA standards.


  • LinkLive is HIPAA-compliant, meaning it can be used by healthcare companies that need to comply with federal regulations regarding patient privacy.
  • The LinkLive platform has multiple layers of security to protect your patient data from unauthorized access, and it uses encryption to ensure that your data is safe in transit between your patients and the servers.
  • This means that when you send a message through LinkLive, it will be encrypted so no one can see what you’re sending—not even us.


Risk Management and Compliance

  • HIPAA compliance is a top priority for healthcare organizations, as patient data is extremely sensitive and should be protected at all times.
  • KinkLive offers an integrated workflow for handling HIPAA-compliant communications in a secure manner. It also provides security features such as two-factor authentication to ensure that only those who are authorized to access the system can do so. Risk management and compliance
  • Risk management and compliance is a critical concern for any company that handles sensitive information related to healthcare or finances such as credit card numbers and social security numbers.
  • LinkLive features advanced contact workflow capabilities that help you manage risk by assigning tasks related to managing contacts and managing cases based on their status or department requirements (e.g., marketing). Advanced contact workflow enables your employees to resolve issues faster while providing more granular reporting metrics needed by managers in order to make better decisions regarding patient retention rates, profitability metrics etc.


Advanced Contact Workflow

  • Automated routing: This is a process that allows agents to handle your patients’ requests automatically, without the need for additional intervention. An automated routing tool can help you improve efficiency by directing calls to the right agent based on certain criteria (e.g., patient name).
  • Call queuing: As you probably know from experience, it’s easy for a single voice call to turn into multiple voice sessions when you’re trying to get through on hold or talk with different people about different things. Call queuing allows you to have several conversations at once while keeping track of each one individually so that everyone gets what they need as quickly as possible.
  • Patient self-service: The ability of patients to resolve questions and problems themselves—without having to contact an agent—can save them time and frustration while helping your company save money by reducing overhead costs associated with staffing up an entire department just to answer simple inquiries via phone or email requests (which could be handled better by automated systems).


Customized brand experience for your patients

Patients are loyal to brands that offer them a personalized experience. In fact, one study found that 73% of consumers said they would be more loyal to a company if it offered them tailored services and benefits. With LinkLive, you can create an experience that is unique to each patient based on data gathered from their interactions with your brand, across all channels—including email and social media platforms. This makes it easier than ever before for you to deliver targeted messages and offers at the right time.

Personalization through AI, data analytics and tracking

Personalization is the ability to deliver a unique experience to every patient. It’s used to improve patient satisfaction and loyalty, as well as delight patient with relevant information. Personalization can be done in many ways, including data analytics & tracking – gathering valuable insights into your patients’ behaviors and habits will help you understand how they use your products or services. This information is then used to provide them with customized experiences that match their needs at each stage of the patient journey.

Self-service IVR options

Your patient engagement platform should offer self-service IVR options.

IVR is a great feature because it allows patients to interact with the patient engagement platform without having to talk to a human. You can use it for many things, like changing an address or canceling a subscription.

These features make a patient engagement platform stand out from its competitors.

A patient engagement platform’s main goal is to provide better service to patients by giving them the tools they need to access information about their accounts.

For example, imagine you’re a business owner who wants to know why people aren’t showing up for appointments. With a patient engagement platform, you can track each interaction between the patient and clinic in real time and see what went wrong—or right. You’ll be able to give your agents feedback on how they should handle each situation so that there are no more mishaps down the road.


Patient engagement platforms are used to make the patient experience better by providing a seamless way to communicate with patients. They can help you save time, money, and resources by automating many of your routine tasks. As we’ve seen above, there are many different types of patient engagement platforms available in the market today with different features and functionality levels depending on your business requirements. If you want help choosing one that best fits your needs then contact us today.

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